Why Build the RV10?

I have never built a plane and I have only been a pilot for a couple years, but I have been following Van’s Aircraft since the early 90’s. My father was quick to realize how great these planes are and introduced them to me.

Often, people look at me strange when I say I want to build an RV10, including some of the people at Van’s Aircraft. Many people at Van’s tried to steer me away from the 10 and towards the RV 7 or Rv 9.

Yes, RV10’s cost more money!

Reasons to Chose an RV10

Over the last few years I have noticed some things when thinking about the cost of airplanes, maintenance, and resale value. Looking at used RV’s for sale I noticed that many people were selling the smaller RV’s to build or buy an RV10. When looking at the actual costs of building an RV 10 compared to the actual costs of building the 14, 7, or 9 is that it does cost more to build an RV10. The most expensive part of an RV10 is the difference in the bigger engine price, more expensive kit price, extra paint cost, and insurance seems to be more. Onetime, my father was talking with Van about the RV10 and Van said that the RV10 is the best plane in it’s class that he has ever flown.

I found it difficult to find an airplane that is comparable to the RV10 and what it offers without spending a ton of money and getting trapped into an expensive maintenance schedule. Also, it seems in many cases though the RV10’s hold their value, are worth more in the long run, and are in high demand. It also seems that a lot of what it costs to build the smaller planesĀ is lost on resale.

Yes, I was tempted to buy one of the great certified planes like a Cessna or Piper. I thinkĀ these planes are awesome, but maintenance is scary and expensive over the long run. To me owning a certified plane seems like buying a used Porsche in the fact that the maintenance and parts will kill you, not the initial cost.

A latch handle for the luggage door on some cert planes is $1600!! So I think in the long run the savings on maintenance will add up.

I Fly Alone

Some people say they don’t need a four place airplane and if they do they will just rent one. Around here there are no four place airplanes that compete with an RV 10. If you can find a Cirrus for rent, like I have seen in the Bay Area, they rent for $250+ per hour!

Also, the cert planes fly slower on the same or more fuel. You know if you rent a Cessna 172 here at $130.00 per hour and only fly 115 MPH then that is not cheaper. If you can fly an RV 10 for about $90-120 per hour, but cruise at 175 Knots then you really have something. If you fly 30-40 hours per year in a Cessna then you fly the same hours in an RV10 you can go a lot farther. IMHO

Flying the RV10 Review

I went to Van’s and got to fly the RV10. This is an amazing plane!! The plane at Van’s had about 2000 hours on it. They said I was the last one to fly in it before they rebuilt the engine. The instrument panel was very basic and to my shock it wasn’t even an IFR plane.

We were off the ground in about 600′. With excellent visibility out the windshield we were climbing at 1500′ and then by pulling the nose up slightly (I mean hardly at all) we were climbing 2000′ per minute. LOL

So we only climbed up to about 3000′. At 3000′ were cruising along about 175 miles per hour and were burning 10.5 GPH! Then we slowed down to 155 and were burning 7.3 GPH. A couple things about these numbers: We were low and had not leaned out the plane properly. Also, I doubt this plane has balanced fuel injectors which would help with fuel consumption.

Van’s told me that often they can fly the plane straight to Oshkosh without stopping for fuel. If they have issues with winds then they may stop once for fuel. That is pretty awesome!

What if i’m Wrong?

I really only want to build one plane and then fly it everywhere. I guess if i’m wrong then I can always sell the plane or the parts. These are just some of my thoughts about building an RV 10.

We’ll see how this works out! Stay tuned…..