The RV-10 Empenage kit different from most of the other RV kits in that it comes with a tail cone section. The tail cone is the back half of the body. The tail cone goes from the back of the passenger’s seat all the way aft. Later this is joined to the passenger compartment.


Instead of riveting the entire cone with a bucking bar we decided to back rivet as much of the cone as possible. This worked great since we got great rivets, fast! Tip: We found out you can only back rivet the bottom and one side. The second side starts to take shape and the panels don’t lay flat.

The look on my face is me concentrating trying to pull the trigger on the gun just right to get the same amount of time and sound on each rivet.


Houston We Have A Problem!

This is where the sides were not flat when back riveting. We had to drill these 5 rivets out. NOTE: When drilling rivets understand how they expand. These rivets expanded in between the channel and the skin while also creating the normal shop head on the back of the channel (As expected). So, these were not easy to remove!!




All Done with the Cone!

Using magnets to find the plate underneath for backing riveting.