I cut the countersink cage for closequarter (name?) dimpling.

Using Stoner mold release…This worked great for holding the doors together

Using contour gage to set area to be sanded where glue will be applied. I don’t like over sanding thin fiberglass (It can crack later!)

Fuel pump mounting bracket

Not as straight as I wanted but worked great

“Luke…I am your father!!” LOL

Parts for door lock made

time saving tools!

First fitting of the center console

Installing the Oil Cooler now before installing all of the rudder pedals and top. I ended up countersinking the holes instead of dimpling and this worked great! P.S. Thanks to whoever told me to install the cool box now is genius!

Cutting the bolts for the hinges

VERY EXCITED the door fits!!!! 1.5 hours!!

These belt sanders make working on the top and doors easy!

Added little pieces of square cut fiberglass (excess from the doors) to the inside of the support blocks in the 3rd door latch kit. I crazy glued them in and then put a little epoxy for permanent securing. I did this so there is more area to hold glue and support the doors skins when gluing together. Worked great!

Using a hole finder and long needle nose marker to scribe the doors. This is a test. This worked amazing!! Only took like 3 hours to scribe and sand the doors to fit.

Pen I found on Amazon to put into my holfinder to scribe the doors

Pen I found on Amazon to put into my holfinder to scribe the doors

Hole finders are awesome

Bought these grommets and then found out they fit great in the sidewalls

Brass Monkey hinge mounts…These make door mounting easy.

Checking where the McMaster seals will go.