Flying through out Northwest Washington and Oregon offers beautiful scenery and quick access to areas only available to pilots.

Even though I only rent airplanes, I try to fly as much as possible exploring the best of old and new places. Sometimes I feel like it is difficult to find logistical details about particular flying destinations in the North West, so I thought I would log my trips and details of the places I fly to support flying and help other pilots.

It would be great if others could also submit some of the places they enjoy and the details of places they fly to.

Some of my favorite destinations:

Bremmerton – Best Fish & Chips on the planet!


Newport – Courtesy Car & Free Food

Packwood – Small Town (Still has a pay phone)

The Dalles

The Triangle – Pearson, Newport, up the coast to Astoria, down the river to Kelso, then Pearson

Nehalem Bay – Land on the Oregon Coast, Camp around the airport


Ocean Shores


Places I want to go:

Cowboy Tree Diner (Silver Lake Oregon)