Lunch View

Lunch View

Newport is a great place to fly to for an afternoon or the weekend. Sometimes if I get an unexpected break I will fly down here for lunch or whatever.


  • Free 2 Hour Courtesy car, includes fuel
  • After hours dropbox to pickup reasonable priced rental cars
  • Newport Aquarium
  • Restaurants
  • Fishing
  • Buy fresh fish
  • Sight see
  • Every Saturday at 12pm Free Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
  • Fuel, Nice People


I have flown down at different times throughout the year. If you can get there before they close you can use one of their courtesy cars for free! If you are arriving later then you can call a cab or reserve a rental car that is pretty cheap. They will leave the keys to the rental car in a lock box for you. It is cool because once they have your license on file you can just grab the car and go!

Walking to the beach is not really an option unless you like LONG walks, so I would recommend transportation of a car, cab, or bike. Folding Bike

I usually only have lunch or hang out in town due to time restrictions of a rental plane. Soon this will change.


FBO Hours of Operation

8am – 5pm Seven days a week

Newport Municipal Airport, KONP
135 SE 84th St.
South Beach, OR 97366
(541) 867-7422 | Fax (541) 867-3656

AWOS (541) 867-4175

VHF 122.80

AWOS 133.90

FSS 122.50