Test Flight and EMP Kit Pickup Day!

Welcome to My Blog

Ever since I took my first flight at the age of 6, in my dad’s Cherokee 235, I planned on getting my pilot’s license. After stopping for over 20 years I restarted my training earning my pilots license in 2013.

I love flying!! Nothing else compares to the freedom of taking off on a whim and soaring above the world, over the hills, lakes, and oceans. Having a pilots license provides short cuts and rapid access to secret and known destinations all over the PNW and beyond. Flying is an obsession. Fly has changed my life and brought opportunities and friendships with some of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met. One of the best things about flying is a group I belong to on Facebook called FATPNW.

Reality Sinks In

After earning your pilots license and begin adventuring into the beyond you begin to feel like something is holding you back. Yes, you are flying but you are now certain that some kind of tether is holding you back. There is a tether attached to the plane you rent. The solution to removing the tether and gaining freedom becomes clear. You need to a own your own plane. Not just any plane. You need a plane that flies fast, is safe, low maintenance, and dare I say, “sexy”. Look around, read, learn, and open your mind. Your vision will become clear and the answer you are searching for will become obvious. You need an RV-10.

 So…Here we (I) go!

I have been thinking about which plane to build for years. After serious thought I have decided to build Van’s RV-10.

I want to say thanks to Van’s for offering great planes and their support. I also want to thank the previous RV builders that helped in the evolution of building and flying experimental aircraft. I also want to thank builders who helped get me started in building my RV10. Without his help I am not sure I would have known where to start.